09 April 2019

Watchers from above, and mascot name wanted

The oldest official international tournament in the world this summer is going to be held for the forty-sixth time. Brazil will be the host of 10 teams from South America plus 2 invitees from the Asian region, while Copa America 2019 is going to be played on 6 stadiums in 5 cities.
Preparations for this thrilling event is going according to plan. Whilst on 21 March 46 referees have been named for the competition (which half are divided in main officials and the other half are assistants), and 4 days ago 54 technological judges have been called from 10 member associations. Because nowadays football is unthinkable to be played without monitoring, video assistant referees are going to be part for the first time in this tournament.
Fans around the world are encouraged to choose themselves the official mascot name of the event. It is already known that the official mascot is going to be the largest rodent in the world which lives in South America: Capybara. This cute and petulant animal is a football oriented, who loves this sport and due to this the confederation are asking for help to name it with two options given: from 05 April the competition is opened and everyone can vote between Capibi and Zizito. The final winner will be announced this Friday.
All the above 100 referee names may be found on the CONMEBOL website. On the same site there is also the information on how and where to vote for the sympathetic mascot name, and also you can read in details why these names are chosen.


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