14 July 2019

Slightly different way of qualifiers

Some new, fresh, re-designed type of qualifiers was announced three days ago by one confederation for the next World Cup event. The CONCACAF region have introduced a re-designed model consisting of two parts, and from whom will send its three guaranteed teams to the sporting watchable event in Qatar near the end of 2022...while the fourth will have to sweat good to get there.
One of its 'survivors' of the new format is the well known (and good old) hexagonal tournament. Instead of playing it at the end, this part will start (almost) first in the continent. Six teams (that are going to play home and away duels) will be picked up from the world rankings comprised by the world football organization from June 2020. Therefore games are going to be played in September, October, November 2020 together with March and September of 2021. Out of these 6 teams: the top 3 will qualify directly for the final show, the fourth is going to be on the waiting list and two (normally) are going to stay home (who will watch the first winter finals on television).
Part number two from this change is further divided into two sub-parts: group phase and knockout system. Again the (above mentioned) list of June 2020 will be taking into consideration and here are going to participate teams who are going to be in places from 07 until 35. These 29 teams will be split into 8 groups: there are going to exist 5 groups of 4 plus 3 groups of 3 teams, who are going to play in September, October and November 2020. After all this is finished appears the knockout model where only the 8 group winners are going to play quarterfinals, semifinals and final game in March, June and September 2021. For the moment we are leaving this part to announce that the winner of this elimination process will have to play two more additional matches (who will not rest at all).
These matches are going to be with the fourth team from the hexagonal competition, which both duels have to be played in October 2021. Finally, the overall winner (from these home and away matches) is going to represent the CONCACAF team at the intercontinental playoff.
According to the months written, both of these two parts are going to start simultaneously.


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