09 July 2019

Plenty of numbers from two neighboring continents

From three competitions that started this summer, two have officially ended last night / early this morning, while the other is currently still ongoing. In total 28 teams from 2 regions have achieved the following results:

Copa America.
Goals. On the South American continent, the 12 teams gave 60 goals or 2.31 per game. Thirty one were scored in the second half, while 29 times the ball find the net in the first 45 minutes. Three of them were given in the stoppage time: two of them after the ninetieth minute and one after the forty fifth in the first half. There was also one unfortunate own goal.
Unpopular result. In 5 matches we saw two zeros at the end. Three of them were in the quarterfinals where lotteries have decided the winner.
Punishments. Nine penalties were given in 26 matches: 4 of them happened in the first and 5 in the second half. Brazil had the most punishments - 2, whilst 7 teams got one penalty (Paraguay, Bolivia, Argentina, Uruguay, Ecuador, Chile, Peru). There were no missed penalties, but goalkeepers fantastically saved three of them (all in the second half).
Bad boys. Referees were in the mood to give 7 red cards. Divided: two footballers (from Venezuela and Brazil) received two yellow cards, both in second half. Two Ecuadorian players, and one each from Paraguay, Argentina and Chile received a direct red.

Gold Cup.
Goals. Almost simultaneously started with the predecessor, at the Gold Cup event we saw even 95 goals from just 31 duels. Players were in the mood to shake the nets in the second half where they scored 60, while 35 was given in the first 45 minutes. One and the only goal was scored at the first 15 minutes of additional time. Seven times the ball has crossed the line in stoppage time: 4 times at the first half plus 3 in the second. We saw also 3 unfortunate own goals during the whole event.
Unpopular and highest result/s. There were only two matches that finished 0:0. Second duel happened to be in the semifinals (where the only goal in the extra time was scored). Cuba twice has received losses of 0:7, which is the highest result at the competition (in the first and third group match day).
Penalties. Nine punishments were given. Guyana and Haiti were awarded with two penalties, whilst Bermuda, Panama, Costa Rica and Jamaica got one each. One penalty was scored in extra time. Two footballers from Martinique and Canada are the only ones who have missed penalties (both in second half). Goalkeepers did not saved at all shots from 11 metres.
Nasty footballers. While we have not seen a direct red card, unfortunately one footballer received two yellow cards. It was for a Cuba player who saw his second yellow at the second half on the second match day in the groups.


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