26 September 2019

Blackmail does not pay off

Let us blackmail our beloved club so that they can give us free tickets which later we are going to sell them on the black market, and of course, all the money are ours. Its pure profit without any single drop of sweat, so why we did not think of this earlier? And for the extortion part this is the plan: we are going to (deliberately) provoke big disturbances on matches, fight, sing racist chants plus put forbidden banners, so the team has no other option but to grant our 'kind request'.
This is not a plot from an action / romance movie, although it may look like it with a terrible ending. Knowing for their violent background and racist behavior, 12 hardcore leaders of supporting groups were arrested by the Italian police last Monday. Drughi, Tradizioni-Antichi valori, Viking, Nucleo 1985 are some of the Ultras bosses imprisoned who are cheering for Juventus. And now comes the above word - romance (officers versus fans): after a year long investigation, the police have locked down 25 more people for this 'genius idea', thus all 37 are accused of threats, demanding ransom, money laundering and violence. Officers had 39 search warrants at 14 cities throughout the country.


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