27 September 2019

Parts of final tournament now known

On the last month of each year an intercontinental event is staged only to find out which club is playing the best football or otherwise this is known by the name of Club World Cup. Six regional champions plus the winning team of the home national championship will gather in Qatar from 11 until 22 December, and from last Monday the schedule is now known...well partly.
The sixteenth edition are going to open Al-Sadd (champions of the Qatar stars league) and Hienghene sport (Champions league winner from Oceania). Whoever wins this duel will meet Monterrey (North American and Caribbean champion) in the first quarterfinal, while in the second winners from the Asian confederation (which is yet to be determined) is going to play with Esperance sportive de Tunis (African champions). At both semifinal matches two new clubs will be introduced for the first time in the tournament: the European Champions league winner Liverpool (who is going to meet either Al-Sadd / Hienghene sport - Monterrey) plus the South American counterpart, which is going to be known in November (and their rival might be Asian or African champions).


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