24 September 2019

Disgusting racist comment on air

'This guy kills you in one-on-ones, if you go against him, you will fall. Either you have ten bananas to eat, that you give to him, or...'. A hideous sentence like this was spoken last Monday on television from Luciano Passirani at Qui studio a voi stadio show on Lombardia channel. Just to get out of this awkward situation, the presenter immediately rebuked the visiting 'expert' and said that the phrase was pronounced as a joke. Hearing this, the director of the programme Fabio Ravezzani has announced later that the 80-year-old will never be called again to comment on matches at the channel.
Player at the above sentence was referred towards one of the best Belgian strikers, and the new Inter signing who is only one month at the club Romelu Lukaku.


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