28 September 2019

Introduced new league name instead of a provisional one

Starting from 2021-22 the European continent is going to have three official club tournaments: the two that we know of nowadays plus a new one...or an old one which was introduced last December.
From Europa league 2 this competition from Tuesday has a new name: an UEFA Conference league. This event will be third in significance after the Champions and Europa league. Since that is the way, here are going to play teams from lower countries. Eight groups with four teams, so the model is exactly the same as the Champions league, with the only difference that we will have qualifying matches before the round of 16: the third placed teams in the groups from Europa are going to play against the second placed clubs from Conference (this is still confusing since Europa has more groups than the Conference). Of course the winner of the league which debuts in two years time is going one place higher - at the Europa league. Matches from this event are going to be played on Thursdays (in exact times colliding with the second competition).
An (main) idea is to reduce the clubs participating at Europa league from 48 to 32.


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