27 October 2019

Easily accepted proposal gets tougher again

One of the best and famous derby on the European continent had to be played tonight, but due to 'high force' this match was postponed. At 18 October Barcelona and Real Madrid reached an agreement that their duel from the local championship should be delayed, and re-scheduled in two months time with a new date. Big demonstrations across Catalonia was the real reason why this mega-game was called off, thus this Wednesday came the confirmation from the federation: the first El Clasico of 2019-20 season will be on 18 December. However, this contract between the two clubs may be annulled after all.
Couple of days ago, LaLiga has opposed the confirmation from the federation saying that teams (in general) cannot chose a date of playing. The league itself is going to appeal against this decision, so they are having a new plan for the match: 04 December.


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