11 January 2024

Boxer may get a hefty punishment

At 11 December 2023 Ankaragucu and Rizespor played a normal game from the championship of Turkiye, however at the end things got really ugly. Two days later the football federation has postponed all duels within the country, and in the meantime that suspension was lifted.
On the above date the president of the home club Faruk Koca after the match was finished has (spectacularly) punched the main man in blue in the head. While on the ground, and to be far more worse for the poor referee, Halil Umut Meler have suffered a physical attack from the home hooligans as well who entered the terrain.
The basic rule of think twice before you act obviously was not on the mind of the angered chairman at that moment who, after the incident has resigned, said it was sorry and repented his actions yesterday in the court. But obviously these words from the former official are not enough as now the 59-year-old politician and businessman may spend 13 years in jail if all accusations connected to the game were correct (among those is death threat spoken towards the referee on that night). Resuming of this trial will be on 28 February.


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