06 January 2024

Financial boost raised

Yesterday the organizers of an upcoming team event has revealed that it has increased the financial means on the main football show of the continent. Compared with the previous edition (from 2021), the Africa Cup of Nations 2023 (2024) have raised its money awards to 40 percent. In numbers this looks like this:
Each of the four quarterfinal winners would get 1.3 million dollars (1.2 million euros), while those teams who are going to be victorious in the semifinal duels would be rich by 2.5 million dollars (2.3 million euros). Participant number two of the overall competition or the losing finalist will get 4 million dollars (3.7 million euros). And despite the trophy, medals together with bouquet of flowers [(probably) received from everyone] is going to enjoy in 7 million euros (6.4 million euros).


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