02 January 2024

Help for the men in blue

Before the chip that is implanted inside the ball is going to arrive this summer in one championship, five months earlier one other will work on a different way, and all that purpose is to avoid any irregularities. Named as "Semi-automated offside technology system" this is going to check whether the player is in forbidden position. The Asian football organization would be the first ever to implement it, and its debut will be from next Friday at all 51 duels on its major event - the Asian Cup 2023 (2024).
With 12 specialised cameras this technology will follow the exact position of the ball and players. Precise and quick checks and on top of that using the artificial intelligence, the locked referees in the room would be able to draw immediately the offside lines (without waiting) where after the main one is informed. If there is any suspicion from the referee on the terrain then a three dimensional (3D) animation would be shown on the big screens on each stadia where the matches are played to justify the offside decision.


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