04 January 2024

Irregularities will be shown and heard

In order to be more transparent in this sport two world association members have come to an idea to eliminate the doubt of the video assistant referee system that is sparkling controversies from their national leagues. On 19 December 2023 it was decided that both will release images and audio conversations by the main judge and the locked men in blue at the room, and its debut will be applicable from this month.
For the first time in Spain everything is going to become public beginning from the three games of the Super Cup competition that are scheduled to be played in Saudi Arabia: 10 and 11 January at the semifinals and the final itself on 14 January. Then that newcomer is going to be used as well on LaLiga duels from round 20 (12 January) and phase 22 of the Segunda (second) division (15 January).
A similar decision has also announced the Mexican association when their championship will resume its plays from 12 January.


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