23 February 2021

Limited number of plays

At the end of March has to start various qualifying matches for the World Cup 2022 event. However, from 19 February it is announced that many of them from the Asian continent are cancelled, and the reason is much more obvious of why this is happening. These are together with elimination duels for the Asian Cup 2023 as well, which after this notice it is more clear that the schedule is way behind. Everyone is trying to find a solution to this problem, thus new gaming calendar have to come up from the range of 31 May and up until 15 June, and one of the suggestions is (again) gathering and playing at one location (like the international club tournaments).
Because travel restrictions in some parts between the countries are still in place, games for next month and June will be more than halved. From 88 expected duels (22 taken from each match nights), four of them got the green light to go ahead, or divided: three are going to be played from seventh, while one will be from the eighth match night. The mini table with local kick offs, duels and places from groups B, D and F can be found on the confederation website from the above mentioned date.


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