21 February 2021

Remembering group phase matches that were played last year

Last week the European football confederation has opened a formal investigation into a suspended duel that happened two months ago, and financially punished two clubs where one of them has participated on another tournament last year. All of the above three cases have being occurred at the group stage of both events.
On 11 February the case was (finally) opened on a mysterious incident that happened 09 December 2020 at an empty stadium. That night PSG and Basaksehir have entertained each other at their last game from the Champions league where nor 13 minutes have passed when the visiting assistant coach have heard a forbidden racist word. As not a single spectator was present at the arena, the strangest thing is that that expression came from the fourth official. Hence Sebastian Constantin Coltescu will be thoroughly 'investigated' due to lack of respect couple of months after the match.
Day later, the affiliation has extracted money from the cashbox of two Russian teams who are now competing at Europa league. Because on 08 December 2020 Krasnodar arrived very late to the Champions league duel against Chelsea, the club had to pay 15.000 euros fine. Five thousand euros less had to deliver CSKA Moscow for the reason that their fans were provoking and insulting the Feyenoord players from a game that occurred 26 November 2020.


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