28 February 2021

Judgements were being way too soft

Eleven days ago the Switzerland accusers have appealed the sentence at the Federal criminal court against three people: for one former and present officials, together with a corrupt businessman, that was issued on 30 October 2020.
On that date an ex-secretary general in the world football organization Jerome Valcke received a suspended sentence of three months and had to deliver 1.35 million Swiss francs (1.26 million euros) to the same affiliation that he worked for and where later was fired from it in 2016. At 2013 he became a (proud) owner of an luxury villa on a Italian island that was bought with the help of Nasser al-Khelaifi. Together they developed a scheme of how to deceive the public concerning World Cup broadcasting rights by falsifying documents for Italy and Greece. Cheating could not be completed without Dinos Deris executive at a Greek marketing agency.
For the above criminal activity prosecutors wants all three to be locked up, while the last two names have been cleared of any charges.


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