24 December 2021

Quickest main part

Last Thursday night the European football confederation have performed the last ever draw in 2021 (for a team level). Edition number three of the youngest competition has divided the 55 member states into four leagues where the first three counts four groups while the last is with two. One interesting thing for the Nations league 2022-23 season is that the major (league) part is going to be over in rapid time: at four months. As the ball names came out, the 16 groups were formed like this:

League A
- Group 1: France, Denmark, Croatia, Austria.
Group 2: Spain, Portugal Switzerland, Czech Republic.
Group 3: Italy, Germany, England, Hungary.
Group 4: Belgium, Netherlands, Poland, Wales.

League B
Group 1: Ukraine, Scotland, Republic of Ireland, Armenia.
Group 2: Iceland, Russia, Israel, Albania.
Group 3: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Finland, Romania, Montenegro.
Group 4: Sweden, Norway, Serbia, Slovenia.

League C
Group 1: Turkey, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Faroe islands.
Group 2: Northern Ireland, Greece, Kosovo, winner of the match Cyprus - Estonia.
Group 3: Slovakia, Belarus, Azerbaijan, victory team from Kazakhstan - Moldova.
Group 4: Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Georgia, Gibraltar.

League D
Group 1: Liechtenstein, loser between Kazakhstan - Moldova, Andorra, Latvia.
Group 2: Malta, defeated team of Cyprus - Estonia, San marino.

Twenty four hours later all teams has found on which destinations have to travel, and the complete layout can be seen on the regional website. Four kick-offs have been kept as we had before: 15.00, 16.00, 18.00 and 20.45 CET.
Everything will begin with the four mystery games or whose teams would have to fill spots in the last two leagues. Matches for those four are going to play from 21 until 23 with the first 90 minutes, together for leg two between 24 and 26 March 2022.
June is going to be the busiest schedule and for each round three nights will be available: phase one is between 02 and 04, from 05 until 08 is the second, the middle one is from 08 as far as 11, and 12 - 14 is stage four. Phase number five have to be from 22 until 24, while the last is between 25 and 27 September 2022.
The final-four tournament (winners of the A league groups only) is going to be again in summer time: at couple of nights time (14 and 15) have to be played the semi-final duels, whilst the classification game (for third - fourth place) together with the big final are on 18 June 2023.


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