30 December 2021

Registered victory for the visitors

At the debut appearance as a competition the Conference league had its first match that was completely called-off.
On 09 December Tottenham and Rennais were scheduled to play the last game of the group stage in the event where nights before first it was postponed, and two days later was announced that this duel will never be played. Since then, the organizer had time until 31 December to find a replacement date, however that was not done as the English club had 13 positive virus cases. Last Monday this saga finally has ended when the European football organization officially registered this pair 0:3 or a clear win for the visitors.
Not taking it seriously from the start, fooling around in the first five rounds and wanted to seek a passage right on the last (sixth), the home club was just furious about this decision of the affiliation to forfeit the duel and award the victory to their rivals. With a (possible) win the home team would have competed in the first knockout phase that will resume in spring, but because there is a new epidemic rule that applies for everyone, they only have themselves to blame.


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