07 December 2021

Region who is starting last

The sporting most watched event on our planet is commencing less than a year from now, and practically five out of six confederations are near the qualifying end. However, the last one is yet to start where the plan for it was finally released seven days ago with a draw.
Definitely the tiniest regions of all, Oceania had many problems with the pandemic outbreak, thus its schedule was delayed from this September. Because the World Cup is approaching fast and there is no time anymore, it was determined that a mini-tournament will determine the winner. The first two teams from A and B groups are going to participate at the final round of the confederation where with the additional matches the champion of the confederation is going to be known. Each of those duels have to be played from 14 and up until 30 March 2022 at neutral place - Qatar.
From eleven members that this continent has, nine of them are going to appear (American Samoa and Samoa has withdrew their participation earlier) whereas the last two who are the lower ranked ones will have to clash between each other just to enter the main group phase which are divided in:

Group A: Solomon islands, Tahiti, Vanuatu, play off victory team (between Tonga - Cook islands).

Group B: New Zealand, New Caledonia, Fiji, Papua new Guinea.

Furthermore, the winner of this region would have to play one more extra game (who is called the intercontinental one) with the fourth placed representative from the North, Central America and Caribbean confederation in June that will decide one of the final spots for the World Cup 2022 event.


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