17 September 2022

Different incidents have occurred at two separate games

This week the international club tournaments were on schedule with its second round. At two duels in the Champions league there were some serious incidents that happened before and after the kick-off.
Milan and Dinamo Zagreb have played their encounter on Wednesday, however before their game the Italian police have captured 14 visiting hooligans. During the search of those 'spectators' authorities have found smoke bombs, knives and wooden sticks. Immediately they were arrested amid fears of repeating the same trouble from 2000 when these group of fans (Bad blue boys) have provoked an incident in the city of Milan with rioting and massive street fighting.
On the same night Porto and Club Brugge have entertained each other. Because we all know the final result, the heavy loss of the Portuguese football champions did not like some spectators. In a state of fury after the match, a group of fans have prevented the family of the coach Sergio Conceicao to leave the stadium with their car throwing rocks and insulting the passengers. The bunch did not physically attack them so his wife and two sons were unharmed.


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