29 September 2022

Known some details for the summer event

Yesterday the first part of the European version of Nations league competition was completed, and immediately some things were rapidly revealed in which cities the final tournament will be played in the summer period of 2023.
Although it have not been decided where the finals would be staged on the night of the closing duels, Dutch media has reported that Rotterdam and Enschede have been chosen to welcome the four teams (that won league A groups) from 14 until 18 June. This duo was deliberately picked because the European football organization has recommended that both stadia (that games are going to be played) be in the same city or to be far away from each other on a radius of 150 kilometers.
By 13 April bids for hosting the final have submitted football associations of Belgium, Poland, Wales and Netherlands, and the deadline for submitting documents is 05 October. Since the first three have not qualified (for the second part) only the last country remains a serious contender to win the rights, and that decision will be announced in January of next year. An interesting detail about this quartet is that these four have played against each other in the fourth group of league A.


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