11 November 2022

Cruise ship number one has arrived at destination

For those spectators who cannot find their housing place on land, the World Cup host has provided a back up solution: to live and be surrounded by water on three giant ships which will pose as a temporary home.
One of them has appeared today on the Inland sea of Qatar, while the other two are on schedule to join in in the following days. Calling it 'World Europa', this gigantic trio belongs to Msc (Mediterranean shipping company) where is the biggest in its series of the firm and is completely built in France. Motors are running on liquefied natural gas.
It has 22 decks, 2.633 cabins that can take around 6.800 fans or can have a total capacity of up to 12.400 guests. At the cruise will work 2.100 crew members who are going to take care of the people where in their disposal are going to be 32 restaurants and bars, cultural and fun activities, water slides... Pleasure to be on this beauty costs from 695 euros per night.
The company and the welcoming country has signed an agreement in 2019 to deliver these ships only to cover up accommodation shortages where millions of fans are expected to watch and enjoy the biggest sporting event on earth that starts from next weekend.


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