14 November 2022

Nearly one month of pure holiday ahead

From the last World Cup in 2018, it has passed four years, some months plus days. The wait is finally over and starting from next weekend we are going to enjoy edition number 22 of the most watched sporting event on earth.
Staging it for the first time at the Arab world and also debuts in different (winter) season, the 2022 competition are going to be divided in two phases: from 20 November until 02 December would be played the group stages, and out of 03 as far as 18 December are scheduled the four knockout phases (here is included the classification game as final). On 8 stadia, the 32 teams will be dispersed in 5 cities throughout Qatar. Everything is indicating that this will be the last format with 8 groups because there are rumours that for the 2026 tournament teams will rise to 48 (although this has not yet been confirmed nor how the qualifying / final schedule is going to look like).
Division of the teams by regions are in the following way: 13 from Europe, Asia with 6, 5 have Africa, together with 4 each from continents that share the same name - North and South America (as you can see here from this list the only missing is from Oceania). World champions are France where in the game 64 we will see if it defended the title which is a long way to go, while from now everything commences with match 01:

20 November, Sunday at 17.00 CET: Qatar - Ecuador.


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