07 November 2022

Stupidity never ends

In the following article just three states are going to be mentioned: one of them who was disqualified from the play off, the other who lost in the play off, while the third one is a team who will be in the finals. All of them participated for the eliminations games of the World Cup (to some point).
And for this event, Islamic Republic of Iran from the first round has tormented itself and at the end have succeeded to pass all impediments just to appear on the greatest show on earth that is going to start next weekend, thus in this case the team would be travelling through sporting merit. Now comes the football association of Ukraine which at the beginning of the week officially asked the world football organization to throw them out (only 20 nights before the start). Few days earlier the same idiotic statement repeated the director of Shakhtar Donetsk Serhii Palkin. The reason behind this absurd request is not of sporting nature, but something else: the Persian country is accused of supplying drones to Russia of who are using them for the invasion / special military operation on Ukraine.


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