19 November 2022

Hefty fine for only one club

Feyenoord, who is competing at Europa league, had to pay a severe punishment because their supporters caused a real havoc at the last two games of the tournament. In total from its cash box were lessened with 106.000 euros by the European football organization three days ago. Divided on three points, the punishment looks like this:
- On 27 October in Graz, Dutch fans was pronounced guilty for using of pyrotechnics, throwing objects on the terrain, disturbing other spectators and destruction of inventory against Sturm. Apart from 50.000 euros penalty the team cannot sell visiting tickets for the next game.
- Seven nights later the opponent was Lazio playing at home, but this time its fans blocked the stairways. Hence the team had to deliver 26.000 euros.
- Because pyrotechnics again was the issue and object throwing on the same match, for this case an additional 30.000 euros fine was issued.
Consequently the whole north stand would have to be empty on their next home duel of the competition.


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