06 February 2023

Deciding week

In just six nights we are going to find out which club is playing the best football on the planet. But to get to that game two more have to be played in order to determine the finalists.
The Club World Cup 2022 edition (2023) slowly is entering into last week where basically the semi final pairs will decide which clubs would be classified from first to fourth place. Just four of them has remained where half has been introduced to the public, while the other two clubs will make its first appearance on the event. Also next weekend we are going to have one new kick off time.

Semi finals
Tuesday, 07 February at 20.00 CET: Flamengo - Al hilal.

Wednesday, 08 February at 20.00 CET: Al ahly - Real Madrid.

Classification duel for third - fourth place
Saturday, 11 February at 16.30 CET: losing teams from semi final pairs.

Saturday, 11 February at 20.00 CET: two winners from both semi finals will clash for the title.


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