13 February 2023

Lots of numbers from a completed tournament

The edition number 19 of the Club World Cup 2022 (2023) has finished yesterday night, and 24 hours later it is time to look back for what was done in the whole event.
Balls into nets. In total 7 clubs gave 30 goals or 4.29 per game. Out of that figure goalkeepers received 10 in the first 45 minutes, and 20 in continuation. At the stoppage time of first half 1 goal was given, while after the 90 minutes 3 clubs have rolled the ball inside nets 5 times, and from this number Real Madrid was successful by giving 2 goals. No single player has rolled the ball into his own net.
Punishments. Either with the help of his assistants from above or their own decision, referees were in the mood to point 6 times on the white 11-metre spot. At separate duels Al hilal and Flamengo received most penalties - 2. Goalkeepers have saved 2 of them where both have been spectacularly defended in second half.
Naughty boys. Players from 5 different clubs saw red cards pointed at them. Men in blue has shown 2 yellow cards to 3 footballers, whilst the other 2 have done a really nasty fouls for a direct one.
Miracle has happened. In the end for the very first time main referees had to explain their decisions to the public after seeing the digital monitors and consulting with their colleagues in the locked room, and all this may be a revolutionary turn for this sport.


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