10 February 2023

Officials chosen - agreements signed

At the Asian football organization functionaries on high positions were picked and couple of deals signed when the Congress met in Bahraini capital Manama on 01 February.
Most important of all, was for the presidential election process of the confederation itself. Because only one candidate existed, Sheikh Salman bin Ibrahim al Khalifa was chosen to lead the affiliation until 2027. The 57-year-old is the boss from 2013, who was twice unopposed (after 2019 and 2023) to perform this highest function.
Vice presidents, council members together with executive committee members also was on schedule to be picked for five zones of this vast continent. Each names from West, Central, South, Asean and East parts were elected for the new period out of 2023 to 2027. Officials who will execute these functions can be seen on the site of the organization.
In the end, this confederation has signed a valuable memorandum with two other counterparts. With Oceania football confederation the signatures were put for three years period, while collaboration with North, Central America and the Caribbean region from now on lasts four years. Importance of these deals are strengthening the ties with each of the two regions.


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