21 February 2023

Event that is brought back on original schedule

Because of special health circumstances (pandemic), like it or not the world football organization has announced that the international club tournament that was played at the end of each year, was transferred to the following one. So, from every December, the Club World Cup had to be staged two months later and therefore was the first intercontinental competition who (practically) opened the new season for three consecutive years. However, from this one everything will go back as it once was played.
Edition number 20 is going to be back staging at the original schedule which is again in the twelfth month. And this is going to be historic tournament for Saudi Arabia which would organize it for the first time from 12 until 22 December.
But, to our disappointment, this is going to be the penultimate competition that will be staged under the current 7 club format as it will be completely destroyed. It would be expanded to 32 participants beginning from June / July period of 2025. Last Wednesday were also explained (although it was never done thoroughly and on what grounds) the allocation on how teams would enter from each regions: 6 clubs are going to be from South American confederation / its North, Central neighbour together with the Caribbean part will send 4 / African continent would be represented with 4 / 12 are going to participate from Europe / Asian confederation will be present with 4 teams / together with one each from Oceania plus the host team. No one knows at this moment from where or how the other 25 teams are going to appear / come, nor the fresh format system is known.


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