27 December 2016

Disobedient associations

Exactly seven days ago, last Monday, the world football organization have penalized plenty of FAs. Most of them are punished due to their stubbornness for the World Cup qualifying matches for Russia 2018.
The poppies saga is (finally) over. For the game England - Scotland both countries were fined. The hosts have to pay 45.000 Swiss francs (41.920 euros) and the Scots with 20.000 Swiss francs (18.631 euros). Welsh FA was also fined with 20.000 Swiss francs for the match Wales - Serbia, while 5.000 less (13.973 euros) has to pay Northern Ireland for their match against Azerbaijan. All these four nations introduced political symbols, which is opposite to FIFA standards. In some cases crowd trouble was involved as well.
For unsporting manner, discrimination and political messages by their supporters FIFA has punished 11 more nations. Romania took the highest fine with 95.000 Swiss francs (88.498 euros) for their game versus Poland. Because of that Arena Nationala in Bucharest will be out of play for two matches. With 80.000 Swiss francs (74.525 euros) Greece is punished because of political banner in the game against Bosnia and Herzegovina. Halved than that amount (37.262 euros) and with closure of Olympic stadium in San Pedro Sula for one game, Honduras is sanctioned for several incidents. Those happened against Panama. Polish FA is fined with 35.000 Swiss francs (32.605 euros), Argentina and Chile has to pay 30.000 Swiss francs each (27.947 euros). Estadio Nacional Julio Martinez in Santiago is banned for two matches. Five thousand Swiss francs less (23.289 euros) will pay Bosnia and Herzegovina, Panama and Colombia each. Mexico and Venezuela are punished each with 20.000 Swiss francs (18.631 euros).
Fielding an ineligible player against Tahiti, Solomon Islands received a 6.000 Swiss francs fine (5.589 euros). Because of that omission, the hosts (Tahiti) has been awarded the game with 3:0. The 'new' forfeited winner has also won 1:0 in 90 minutes.
In addition, Republic of Ireland and Ukraine who played friendly matches with other countries were also penalized.


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