26 December 2016

'This is my area! Why you cannot see that?'

A comical situation, not knowing the rules or something third (call it however you want) happened on Sunday to one of the best referee from Turkey (and worlds), Cuneyt Cakir.
Match Rizespor - Osmanlispor from the Super Lig, week 16, minute 65. The world class referee gave a penalty to the hosts because Osmanlispor goalkeeper, Zydrunas Karcemarskas in his box touched the ball with his - hand. The visiting players protested strongly after this 'incident', but Cakir's mind was already made up. To be more amazed Bahattin Duran, referees assistant which was on that side on the pitch was speechless. Luckily a minute later, 'the guilty man that made the penalty' was the hero by saving it.
The whole situation, with the 'bad day' from the man in yellow can be seen on the youtube service.


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