25 December 2016

Limited number of foreigners

Chinese Football Association (CFA) today gave a proposal to limit the number of foreign players in the domestic Chinese Super league (CSL) from five to four. Although it may have four players on the pay list, the clubs at the same time can have at least three foreign footballers onto the pitch. With these new rules CFA wants to protect local players, so that they actively play in the games. These regulations are expected to be enacted and the new changes will be into effect from next season in PR China, which starts from March. However, the teams have the final say who must respond by 29 December.
Statement published by CFA reads that 'for the sake of long-term development of professional clubs in China, the association would like to set up a system based on the financial requirements for clubs and also implement the adjustment of foreign-player quota. High-level foreign players have brought energy to the CSL and made CSL games more enjoyable, but they have created financial burdens for clubs and reduced opportunities for mainland players'.


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