08 December 2016

Historical opening

It has been a fantastic 2016 with outstanding goals and some superb assists. But before we end it, we need to ask the most frequently question of which club plays the best and attractive football. In the next ten days Japan will try to give us an answer and in the east Asian country are gathered six confederation's Champions league winners that will try to take the title: the best club in the world. As always the competition starts with the J-League champions.
Fresh winners from last weekend Kashima Antlers starts its campaign with the Oceania champion Auckland City. Not having accessibility seeing the OFC Champions league for most football lovers New Zealand team is an unknown club. At the moment their form its a real mystery and only at tournaments like these we are watching how they play. On the other hand Japanese league is one of the famous throughout the world, so Kashima Antlers will have no trouble to write its first win. Some oscillations in their game are visible, but it would not stop them to record first win before their own crowd at home in normal time.
And some history numbers for the end. This duel is the 100 game in the FIFA Club World Cup, which was introduced from 1999. Seventeen years later, for the first time VARs (Video Assistant Referees) technology will be used.


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