09 September 2017

Awaiting for punishments

One match each from last and this week, both of them from World Cup qualifiers - Europe region, are under FIFA investigation due to forbidden gestures. One of that case is referred to the whole team, while the other to a individual.
We begin with a game which happened at the very first day of this month. In Prague, against Czech Republic, visiting fans did too many troubles which could cost a lot for their team Germany. Among many things the spectators first insulted their own player Timo Werner, did plenty of fireworks and disrupt national anthems. However, the worst part was that they shouted 'Sieg Heil' during the whole game. Soon after came an alibi from the German FA, by saying that the hooligans did not purchase tickets through official channels.
A 'professional' player humiliate himself very well in the game versus Slovakia this Monday night. It was caught how the 21 year old English footballer showed his middle finger towards French referee Clement Turpin because in 77 minute the man in yellow did not award penalty for the hosts. And this alibi is quite different: this 'joke' was intended to his teammate Kyle Walker.


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