04 September 2017

One region is playing two qualifying campaigns

In just first three days of next week (goes deep into the morning on Wednesday), 55 official qualifying games will be played in total on six different continents. Or divided, 43 will be for the World Cup and and 12 for another competition. If we counting who is starting first then we came to the following schedule:

1. World Cup qualifying matches for European zone for Russia 2018.
2. World Cup qualifying matches for Africa region for Russia 2018.
3. World Cup qualifying match for Oceania region for Russia 2018.
4. Asian Cup qualifying games for United Arab Emirates 2019.
5. World Cup qualifying matches for Asian zone for Russia 2018.
6. World Cup qualifying matches for CONMEBOL region for Russia 2018.
7. World Cup qualifying matches for CONCACAF zone for Russia 2018.


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