12 September 2017

Violating fair play

Last week La Liga leaders asked UEFA to conduct an investigation of possible breach of fair play for PSG and Manchester City. Primera division president Javier Tebas believes that these two clubs are using state help 'which brings irreversible damage to the football industry'. The English team is owned by a consortium from Abu Dhabi, while French club are possessed by conglomerate from Qatar.
Media are already guessing that Paris team is breaking the rules of FFP (financial fair play) because first it bought Neymar for 222 million euros and then Kylian Mbappe for 180 million. But, in order to stay inside FFP the Monaco transfer (for Mbappe) was first shown as a loan. It seems that this was the cause UEFA to investigate PSG after all. Manchester City for now has not come in line to be explored.
Under the rules of FFP, the team cannot spend more money than it earned.


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