26 September 2017

Back to his old love

A Czech legend is back on the pitch. Unfortunately, we will not see him in any major tournament, but instead he will help his old club back to go to a higher division. Despite that is good to be back.
Forty years ago, Pavel Nedved started his youth career at an amateur club in Czech Republic called FK Skalna. Nowadays the football master is re-joining the team where he will play together with his 18 year old son Pavel Junior. 'After hard, long and challenging negotiations between the bosses of Skalna and Juventus, they have managed to sign Pavel Nedved' said the club in a statement, who with pictures and signed contract is shown on their Facebook page.
Because the 45 year old is very busy as vice-president of Juventus, his new / old team does not even know when he will debut for them.


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