08 September 2017

Because of an awful 'mistake' whole match needs to be re-played

Sending of players in a match is almost everyday in football, but removal of game official from this sport is a really rare thing. But, the rarest case is that many of them are losing their job permanently.
In an afternoon game (14.00 CET), on 12 November 2016 in the group stage from the African region for the World Cup qualifiers in Russia, South Africa and Senegal played their game from the second leg. It was just a ordinary match up until 43 minute when referee Joseph Lamptey out of the blue gave a fictional penalty for the home team. Even aliens from the nearby galaxies wondered what is going on, if this really is happening because Kalidou Koulibaly did not touch the ball with his hand, but instead he played with his knee in the penalty box. At that point the referee from Ghana was very close and it looked very suspicious when that 'incident' happened as it was clearly visible even from the Moon. Up until that point the result was goalless, however South Africa won at the end 2:1.
Today FIFA has annulled the match and ordered to be played a new one, which is more likely to be in November (coincidence or not the original was same month last year). As for the culprit (who messed this whole thing up) the decision is justifiable: the official is banned from football for life.


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