24 September 2017

If you are on break it means that you have to pay

This week the European Cup (league) competitions have a deserved break, but for some clubs this rest is turning out to be a nightmare. By the word nightmare we mean that they have to 'donate' certain amount of money to UEFA cash box mainly because of their 'naughty' supporters. Before second leg resume next Tuesday, last and this week the European football organization speed up the proceedings to punish 3 teams, one individual, whilst 4 cases will be determined next month. Among those, 2 are being delayed.
We begin with the 'strongest' competition in Slovenia with  the game between Maribor and Spartak Moscow. Russian champions were fined 60.000 euros plus the club is forbidden to sell tickets to its supporters for the next away match. This was due to (plenty of) fireworks from their fans and they fired one rocket near the center which almost hit referee of the match Deniz Aytekin.
In Liverpool - Sevilla game both supporters watched calmly their duel, but visiting trainer went 'too far'. Sevilla coach, Eduardo Berizzo, got a red card in the sixtieth minute because he kicked a ball twice onto the pitch and thus caused disruption of the match. Therefore we will not be seeing the Argentine on the bench next Tuesday against Maribor.
Over at the Europa league one pair was in danger of being even postponed and be not played. The kick-off was delayed for more than an hour in Arsenal and Koln, as the reason was obvious: more than 20.000 German fans, fighting with police, stormed the gates in a protest where 'the kind hosts' has given them only 3.000 tickets for a 60.430 seats capacity. Many of them managed to enter the stadium where a new scuffle was started with security. Hence, UEFA has opened investigation for both clubs and postponed the punishments. Four charges were brought up against the visitors, whilst there was 'only' one for the hosts.
In the qualifying for the this tournament, also 'only' one charge was for Everton as well in a game versus Hajduk. Very poor organization for the hosts was the cause that the club has to pay 'miserable' 10.000 euros. Thirty thousand euros more have to deliver Croatian visitors as their fans damaged Goodison park, invaded the pitch and threw various objects on it.
Cases in Manchester United - Basel, Celtic - PSG and Shakhtar Donetsk - Napoli from Champions league, as well as Olympique Marseille - Konyaspor from the second competition will be determined 19 October.


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