13 August 2018

An Madrid derby at neutral ground

It is that time of the year where we will find out which team is playing the best football: is it the winner of Champions or Europa league? Not long ago this match was an introduction into a new season, but, as part of fresh (and unnecessary) changes in all three tournaments, this too is suffering.
On a bit unusual night (and date), this Super Cup edition is going to be played between two European Cup qualifying competitions. Two clubs from the same town is going to play the only game of the competition at the Estonian capital, Tallinn on the Baltic sea. Instead of 20.45 CET, Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid will begin their match on Wednesday, 15 August at 21.00 CET or 22.00 local time. Given the point that this is the only duel, locally, this final can easily go deep into the night of the following day, if after 90 minutes is needing additional play.


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