18 August 2018

Bridge catastrophe cancel duels

One of the worst disaster in Italy, unfortunately is affecting this sport as well. Everybody knows what happened this Tuesday in Genoa when the Ponte Morandi viaduct collapsed on people during storm. So far 38 have died, 15 are injured out of which 5 are in critical condition.
As noone is thinking of football in this region, Sampdoria and Genoa wanted their matches of the opening round on the new season to be postponed. Yesterday the league has approved that, and now is for sure Sampdoria - Fiorentina and Milan - Genoa are not going to play on Sunday. For now, there is no word of when these matches will be rescheduled. On the other hand, Italian media are speculating that the whole round may be delayed, but there is no official confirmation on that.


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