04 August 2018

Increased ticket prices due to just single player

There is no doubt that the football transfer of this summer belonged to the Portuguese striker Cristiano Ronaldo. But, with this shifting to his new home in Juventus means that the invested money has to return to the club with immediate effect, and the weight will fall...on the fans.
It is no secret that all clubs on the Apennine peninsula are going to profit just to see the 33-year-old on the pitch. Thus, the Turin based newspaper 'Tuttosport' this Monday revealed that tickets may possibly be skyrocket overnight from 3 and even up to 7 times more than the original price.
For the away match against Parma, at Ennio Tardini stadium, the loyal fans of this team is gathering at north tribunes. This section cost 25 euros, however, if Parma spectators want to see the star, have to give away up to 178 euros. On the other stands things are no different. Tickets from 60 euros is going to jump to 199, from 70 is going up to 233 euros, more decent seats that are 100 euros will sell-off for 386, and for those with very deep pockets the one entry-paper is going to be charged 450 who is increased from 150 euros.


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