10 August 2019

African continent performed its first ever draw for World Cup 2022

On the last Monday in July was conducted the first ever draw for the World Cup 2022 - Africa region at the Egyptian capital Cairo. The following 14 pairs will play home-and-away matches between 02 and 10 September. Winners of these duels are going to qualify for stage number two (described below):

Ethiopia - Lesotho.

Somalia - Zimbabwe.

Eritrea - Namibia.

Burundi - Tanzania.

Djibouti - Eswatini.

Botswana - Malawi.

Gambia - Angola.

Liberia - Sierra Leone.

Mauritius - Mozambique.

Sao Tome e Principe - Guinea-Bissau.

South Sudan - Equatorial Guinea.

Comoros - Togo.

Chad - Sudan.

Seychelles - Rwanda.

This confederation will have 3 formats until the final teams are going to be known in 2021 for the first ever winter World Cup at Qatar.
- Phase number 1 is the preliminary round where 28 lower ranked African teams will kick the action (described above).
- Phase number two consists of group stages where 10 of them will be formed with 4 teams each. Six rounds have to be played and all of them will last from 23 March 2020 until 12 October 2021.
- While the last stage (phase number three) is a play-off battle, where the 10 group winners are further going to be divided into 2 pots. In only home-and-away duels, scheduled for 08 and 16 November 2021, the 5 overall winners are going to be decided who are going to travel to the world sporting fiesta starting one year later (21 November 2022).


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