25 August 2019

First female commissioner to be present in joint qualifiers

After the summer break, the international elimination matches will be back (on a team level), and from now it is already known that one of those duels is going to enter history books.
More and more female officials can be seen in male football. It all started in May for one confederation, where the trio of ladies from Japan refereed an important game from the AFC Cup, and now this same region is going one step further. 
With the confirmation from the world football organization, the Asian continent now has the first 4 female commissioners: Nguyen Thanh Ha (Vietnam), Lau Cheuk Chi (Hong Kong), Kanya Keomany (Laos), together with Kim Se-In (South Korea) who is going to be responsible for the World Cup 2022 / Asian Cup 2023 elimination game between Guam and Maldives on 05 September.
Having the world license the first 3 names can be also picked at a later stage for the events. Validating this quartet has a purpose to promote women football throughout Asia.


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