18 August 2019

Revealed three names for different types of awards

We are getting used to it that on each group phase draw for the European Cup competition are going to be announced the best players for the last season. This year is going to be the same although various awards will be given. List of names of only three players was released last Thursday by the European football organization, thus each of this trio hopes to win the prize for the following events:
Champions league is searching for the best positional footballer in this sport. At each 4 places (goalkeeper, defender, midfielder and striker) 3 names have been chosen, and all 12 can be seen on the website of the organization. The final winners are going to be known on 29 August in Monaco.
Also at the same city, but in the ceremony on 30 August Eden Hazard, Luka Jovic and Olivier Giroud are competing for the best Europa league player of 2018-19 season.


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