03 August 2019

Deceived supporters

When a main star is not appearing on a previously agreed friendly match (and you are into the stadium to watch him), then there will be plenty of trouble. What will you do then? Well...for this type of fraud only one (and merciless) solution exist described below.
There was an enormous anger among South Korean fans seven nights ago which rushed into the stadium to see Cristiano Ronaldo, who with Juventus played preparatory game with K(orean) league All stars. It was announced that the Portuguese was going to be on the pitch for at least 45 minutes, but the whole time the 34-year-old watched the duel from the bench. Now the furious spectators have prepared a suit against the organizing firm The Fasta Inc. for issuing false information to the public. It is expected that more than 60.000 people could join the group lawsuit who demands to return their money back in the following way: 70.000 Won (53.127 euros) per ticket, 1.000 Won (0.76 euros) for the ticket commission fee plus 1.000.000 Won (758.958 euros) for mental anguish. Compensation for the first 2 parts are crystal clear, but for the third there is an righteous explanation. 'As for the mental anguish part, I would like to say some of the them are raucous fans, the real avid fans. So for them it is very painful because they love Ronaldo', said the lawyer who is leading the case Kim Min-Ki, who also added 'normally in such cases the plaintiffs will be refunded the price of the tickets, but I put this under a special case since the company, through false advertising, took advantage to the football fans'. In the meantime, the K league association this Tuesday sent a protest letter to the club for breaching the contract.


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