06 August 2019

'Bye bye football. It had been a fun time knowing and playing you'

Three days ago the Asian football confederation has punished 4 of its players all of them for the same reason. Guilty persons were three footballers from Kyrgyzstan: Kursanbek Sheratov, Vladimir Verevkin and Iliaz Alimov together with Abduaziz Mahkamov (Tajikistan). This Central Asian quartet were removed from this sport for life because of...match fixing.
'Smart guy' number one manipulated a duel in 2017 at the AFC Cup for his club Dordoi (Kyrgyzstan) where it was also discovered that the 30-year-old placed a bet on the same game, while the other three 'followers' were arranging the results of their team Alay (Kyrgyzstan) at the 2017 and 2018 season also in the AFC Cup.


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