15 September 2020

International club tournaments: many problems, restarts and delay

Each confederation in the world have their best international club football events. Because the virus have made a real mess all of them were (forcefully) cancelled at March, while nowadays it is time to initiate all those matches again...but unfortunately not in every part.
The European continent (with plenty of difficulties) began its matches in August, and today (14 September) was the re-start of the Asian Champions league - the Western part. Again the epidemics played its role here, so this tournament started minus one team where several members of Al Wahda tested positive and because of it did not even travel to Qatar. It would have been unfair to the other teams who were already there, so it was officially decided that the club from United Arab Emirates pulled out from the event. Other clubs as well reported that they have positive players on the virus where they have been put under quarantine.
Hopefully these kind of problems would not be present at the South American Copa Libertadores tournament which suppose to commence with excitements the following night (15 September).
After one postponement of three additional weeks, it has been determined that the African Total Champions league final is going to be played on 06 November. Before that, of course, have to be staged semifinal duels on 17 and 18 October plus the return legs six nights later. Semifinal games of the second event (Total Confederation Cup) are for 19 and 20 October, while the final is scheduled to be on last Sunday of that month (25 October).


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