29 September 2020

Retaliation in progress

'If you harm me in any way I will not let you participate in my competitions (until we made up...and be friends again)'. In other words, the previous sentence can be translated into football dictionary like this: you do not want to fight against 'the big boss', because if you do, he (temporarily) will cut all your wings.

Trinidad and Tobago sued the world football organization in local court for meddling in their own association. Learning this, the other party who wanted to put its own committee just to temporarily run the federation because the previous leaders 'mismanaged' the association, four days ago exclude them from the biggest upcoming competitions.

Now this may complicate Trinidad and Tobago appearance in the two major and significant qualifying events: for the World Cup together with the Gold Cup. For the first tournament it is still unclear what will happen if the team from the Caribbean fails to compete at the eliminatory games of the region which are delayed and will begin at March 2021. Three months later (in June 2021) the 'Soca warriors' awaits another massive event: the Gold Cup. But in order to get there have to win two preliminary duels. As it stands, Trinidad and Tobago may miss those matches if the above suspension issue is not resolved until 18 December. In the meantime, on 25 September the North, Central American and Caribbean confederation has allowed their name to be present in the draw where it is going to be performed tonight. However, if the black scenario indeed happens (missing the whole thing), then Antigua and Barbuda will replace them (as the next best ranked team from Nations league 2019).


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