20 September 2020

Keep in mind on future dates

At a real strange announcement the European football organization has revealed when one future draw is going to be performed for an, of course, future competition. Usually those are done and discovered accordingly before any event, but on 11 September the affiliation wanted to make sure that everything is going smoothly according to plan in...three years from now. Those formalities are coming up in the following lines so that you can write it up and state it as a note in your diary.

On 2024 the European championship is going to begin with its edition number 17. From earlier is known that Germany is going to host the event (planned) from 14 June until 14 July with its 10 cities. But what was not familiar, and it has been revealed last Friday, is where the draw will be for this competition: Elbphilharmonie hall in Hamburg is booked to stage this draw (somewhere) in December 2023.

In the end, it would be too much to tell the only missing thing of the puzzle: at what time the show will begin, as that information is being kept in secrecy for now...so, when the time comes it will be revealed that mystery too.


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