22 January 2021

Access denied

On 12 January the world football organization was unsuccessful in an attempt to get rid off the special prosecutor who investigates its president for corruption activities, nor they were approved to approach the documents as well that was gathered by him. These two decisions were issued by the Federal criminal court in Switzerland. While the accused party is saying that the plaintiff do not have permission and is not qualified to lead this suit, the other side returns that everything is doing by the law.
Gianni Infantino allegedly have met the attorney general Michael Lauber that explored criminal activities in football. Due to these fishy encounters that occurred multiple times, in July 2020 federal special accuser Stefan Keller has opened the case against the chairman. Involved in a scandal that violated office duties and lied to the investigators concerning the above affiliation, the lawyer has resigned from the post in August 2020, while on the same month president Gianni Infanitno was cleared internally (within its own organization) of any wrongdoings.


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